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Went to Three Crowns a few weeks ago with my girlfriend and baby. I had the chilli with rice and cheesy dumplings on the lunch menu. It turned up in a dish that was scalding hot (as if just been reheated in the oven). The chilli looked like it had a layer of skin where it had been reheated. I'm not one to cause a scene so i just ate it anyway. This was a bad mistake as i was violently ill for 3 days and had to be prescribed antibiotics by the doctors. I sent many emails of which only 1 was replied to by the owners which just said they'd look into my "allegations". They have still not got back to me even with more emails.
This pub used to be brilliant but its slowly been going downhill and this terrible service and inability to deal with food poisioning is shocking. i will never be going again and i'd recommend nobody else does
What a disappointment.......... I don't know what has happened to this restaurant, but our celebratory birthday and anniversary lunch for 11 people was a big let down. Having been here from time to time over the last 15 years this could well be the last visit. The service and food did not reflect the prices being charged. People were served main courses and then had a long wait for vegetables and potatoes. The sautes and the beef were well overcooked and the cauliflower was rock hard! What a contrast. There seems to be a lack of management and attention to detail. In this climate I thought this may be important to the Three Crowns however, perhaps not?! This is not a cheap place and we don't mind paying if the food and service deserves it, I doubt we will return.
Another Cracker

I went here with some people whom I was entertaining on business. Having eaten here before with my family I knew I would have a fantastic meal. There was a party of 6 of us, 5 of whom were across on business from the USA and they all commented on how not only was the food fantastic but the general experience was second to none. The wine list was great, selection of draft beers and real ale was also superb and the staff were friendly, welcoming and always keen to help. One of the gentlemen said how he had been coming across to the UK on business for the best part of 10 years and this was by far the best meal he'd had. Everyone loved the menu, with such a huge variety of food all cooked excellently and with a lot of care. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone and I shall be returning sooner rather than later.
“Superb Meal- As always”

Date of review: May 7, 2011 - New
Extensive menu varying form 28 day aged steaks, exotic meats (kangaroo, kudu and crocodile) various proper home made pies (cooked in the oven with a proper lid not some highly processed puff pastry stuck on top of some filling-my pet hate!!). There is always a good fresh fish selection but my favourite dish has to be the crispy duck with strawberry sauce.
(Life is so much easier now there are menus, not just blackboard on the wall!)
The portion sizes, are huge but try and save some space for the desserts. Home made icecreams, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownie and the worlds biggest cheese board.
Suprisingly for a pub they also serve excellent coffee!
You'll need to book early but its worth doing so!

A group of 4 of us visited on 3rd May,we did not book although we could have. We all had stunning meals, yes the sauces are rich but it is not essential to eat it all. The meat and vegetable quality is great. Some stunning wines too - the Sancere was perfect. A brilliant pub restaurant. Staff are really friendly too.
On arrival, first impresions were good. They keep a good real ale although a little expensive. We were very dissapointed with the food, over priced, of low quality and out dated. Much much more was expected and we will not be going back other than for a drink. Sorry Three Crowns only 2/5.
My friend and I meet up halfway between our homes for lunch occasionally and today we decided to meet a the Three Crowns in Brinkworth for lunch. Sadly this proved a mistake, the food was poor. I ordered lamb shank which came with a "cream sauce" the sauce for more like a yellow custard and contained everything from lardons to apricots, it was thick and unappetising. The vegetables were overcooked, carrots were grated, yes I did say grated and cooked until limp. My friend ordered a smoked haddock dish, the sauce was almost like liquid butter and so salty she was unable to eat it. On the plus side, the bar staff and table waiter were very pleasant. Coffee was good and the wine ok. At a price of £45 for the two dishes, this pub should be dragged kicking and screaming into this century. The menu is huge, too huge, the chef would do far better to have a small menu but provide good food properly cooked. Perhaps a refresher course would be in order in food preparation.

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