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Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans: The Craft Beer Boys are the brains behind the Craft Beer Channel ( beerchannel), which is dedicated to all good beer, from British bitters to US palate-smashers and everything in between. Find Jonny and Brad on YouTube for weekly adventures tracking down the world’s best beers, brewing with their favourite breweries, and cooking delicious food to go with the beer
Sussex Vineyards making wonderful English sparkling wines.

Three Cheers! It's English.

Jonica Fox and her husband Gerard run Sussex Vineyards (, producing English sparkling wines from their two vineyards. Planted with champagne grapes, the vineyards lie either side of the historic High Weald village of Mayfield in East Sussex.
Beer brewing is growing at an amazing pace while pubs are closing down more than ever.

Make Mine A Homebrew

James Morton was runner-up in the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off in 2012 and is the author of Brilliant Breads (Ebur y, 2013) and How Baking Works (Ebury, 2015).


Best country dining pubs in 2016

County Dining Pubs Awards 2016

Every year the editors of the Good Pub Guide take the opportunity to rate the very finest Dining Pubs across Great Britain. The rise of the Dining Pub over the past 20 years has been one of the key features of the industry - and here we celebrate the very finest right across the country.
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