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New Year, New Brew

With the New Year now fully upon us and the festivities of Christmas a mere fleeting memory, now is that time for all ou r well intentioned New Year’s resolutions. Some of these we may by some miracle keep, but most we will inevitably break before January is even up. So here at the Good Pub Guide we say forget ‘New Year, New You’, 2016 is all about ‘New Year, New Brew’. Check out our great selection of pubs, serving new and exciting brews this coming year.

How to Cure the January Blues

With the party season over, all we are left with is a hangover and empty space in our wallets. Fortunately, The Good Pub Guide has found the perfect solution: a trip to a unique pub serving warm, tasty and (best of all) cheap food.

A Winter’s Tale

The nights are still long, the weather is still freezing, and layering up has lost its appeal. There’s only one way to get through this last cold stretch of winter: hide from the elements in a warm pub with a good book. Check out this selection of literary pubs and find somewhere to hole up in until Spring.


Best country dining pubs in 2016

County Dining Pubs Awards 2016

Every year the editors of the Good Pub Guide take the opportunity to rate the very finest Dining Pubs across Great Britain. The rise of the Dining Pub over the past 20 years has been one of the key features of the industry - and here we celebrate the very finest right across the country.
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