Tafarn Sinc

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SA66 7QU
(01437) 532214
Opening Times
12 - 11 (midnight Sun)
Mon except Aug and bank holidays

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Tafarn Sinc, Rosebush, Wales, SA66 7QU – The Good Pub Guide

Good Pub Guide Recommended

Unique 19th-c curio, a slice of social and industrial history by abandoned slate quarries
This quite extraordinary relic a maroon-painted corrugated structure - originated in 1876 as a hotel on a long-defunct railway serving the nearby abandoned slate quarries, which now form a dramatic landscape. The halt itself has been more or less re-created, even down to life-size dummy passengers waiting on the platform; the sizeable garden is periodically enlivened by the sounds of steam trains chuffing through - actually broadcast from a replica signal box. The interior resembles a museum of local history, with sawdust on the floor, hams, washing and goodness knows what else hung from the ceiling, and an appealingly buoyant atmosphere; you'll hear Welsh spoken here. The bar has plank panelling, an informal mix of old chairs and pews and a woodburner, with Cwrw Tafarn Sinc (brewed locally for the pub) and Sharps Doom Bar on handpump; background music, darts, games machine, board games and TV.

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Basic food includes gammon steak with pineapple, vegetable lasagne, lamb burgers, steaks and puddings; no starters.

Bar food times: 12 - 2, 6 - 9

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Rating: 3/5 (250 votes cast)

Reader Comments

Good beer , disappointing food and menu.
Worth a visit just for the quirkiness of the place.
Landlord very friendly.

Sunday 15th May 2011
£5 for a cup of tea and a welsh cake,£1.20 for a second cup of tea,ran out of sandwiches although our group of 49 were booked and no apology,in fact downright rudeness. Not the way to bring customers back and a lot of the group were welsh speakers and 20 of them had had lunch there earlier!!!!
Customer care, my foot.

apologies...two, not too !!

I have too small children and the pub is not child friendly, my little 2 year old girl was told off for dancing next to us....very rude, wont be returning!!

Presented ourselves requesting a table for 5. We found a virtually full restaurant, with 2 empty tables next to each other. A 2 seater & a 4 seater. Our host refused to pull the 2 tables together. In return, I have never been more happy to spend my money elsewhere. However, if I was a Welsh-Speaker (like the rest of my party...who incidentally did not speak to the host), I'm fairly sure we would have been welcomed in with arms wide open.

I have dined at this pub in 2009, but in 2010 we had an extremely frosty welcome. Not nice.

Delightful old railway workers hotel. Lovely garden. Reasonable food and beers.

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