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Bar food times: 12 - 2.30 (3 weekends)

Good value, limited food - lunchtime only - consists of wholesome winter soup, a particularly good pork pie, quiche and sausages.

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130 votes cast
I normally avoid ploughman's lunches but this was excellent, along with the beer. For the person complaining about their sunday roast: it's a pub, this is what they used to be like.
Fran (visited April 18) - you are the loser. Not every pub offers a roast lunch - had you bothered to ring to ask the question you could have saved yourself the journey - and the Royal Oak is all the better for offering 'cold cuts' (although its home-made soup is excellent). It has no pretensions to haut cuisine, just simple food and excellent beer. In other words, it's a traditional pub. If you want roast, go find a restaurant. And if think this pub "is awful" you win an award for stupidity.
We went to this pub on a Sunday walk with two little children. It was awful. I guess it is nice if you are just after a drink. Food was untouchable. They have a very limited menu - mostly cold cuts. We we looking forward to enjoying our sunday roast except that they do not do them. So we settled for our overcharged sausage rolls (6£ for what you get in a supermarket for 1£ - and in the supermarket you generally get it hot while here it was served straight from the fridge!). I asked for the vegetarian option and they offered cheese. The meal is accompanied by a generous serving of crisps - does this count for 1 of your 5 a day?! Needless to say, I did not eat anything. I urge you to do the same. This place enjoys its favourable location while offering nothing in return.
What a little gem. Genuinely friendly welcome from the staff and the best pork pies we have tasted in a long time. They get them in ready made from a local baker and then bake them on the premises to ensure they are really fresh. The pork filling is generous and well seasoned, the pastry lovely and crisp with not a soggy bottom to be seen. The beer is well looked after and the Dorset cider is good. Mind out for the perambulating bollards - otherwise known as donkeys and ponies - as none of them seem to have any road sense!
I took Canadian relatives here as they wanted a Ploughmans lunch in the forest,I am so glad I chose The Royal Oak,the choice of Ploughmans was the best I have ever seen,stilton,local cheddar,mackeral,gammon three different types of bread in the bread basket along with pickles and chutney,we all thoroughly enjoyed the food and all went away full up!
The staff are all very friendly and I will definately be back!
This is better than good. Exactly what a pub should be. Food is not the main attraction here, it's very basic, but exactly right. A proper country" Local" and there aren't many of them left. Are there?
Most certainly deserves award and can confirm hospitality and a fine selection of cask ales and two draft ciders what a choice the food is simlpe but suerb quality and local a great country bub!

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