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Bar food times: 12 - 2, 7 - 9

Using local produce and rearing their own pigs, the well liked food includes sandwiches, king prawns in garlic butter, chicken and leek terrine, ham, egg and bubble and squeak, steak and mushroom in ale pie, leek and parmesan risotto with a poached egg, poached salmon with herb and cheese polenta cake in rich tomato sauce, and puddings.

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We dined at the Red Hart twice while staying in Longhope - The Reception, Staff and meals were first class.
I believe the owner is Sharon and certainly made me happy with her comments -- should we be in the area again we shall certainly call and dine again

Stayed near by at a friend's.
The friend an i been here for the recent Barbecue.

Despite the doubts (weather) the landlord (Guy) had it set up and got it going , before long the place got filled up and the sun shined -
People seem to turn up just to see Guy and he did not disappoint, went around with his charms.
Enjoyed the food, the next day had a roast in the Pub.
Good food -Staff are attentive and seem to be happy.
We love this pub and the food, very much looking forward to the next visit.
Yes we recognise this landlord-he is just like his father and we love them dearly even through their challenging sense of humour!!!
Arrogant and rude is the only way one can describe the landlord/barman. Questions about the menu were greeted with utter disinterest. When confronted about his attitude he clearly thinks he can say what he likes to who he likes, and certainly did not apologise. Behaves like the landlords son who just doesn't wish to be there, and if he is the landlord he definitely shouldn't be there. If he is that confident that people will come back - how wrong he is. So sad when the location is nice and the food is cooked properly.
As the Australian friends of the poster below I can only add my disgust at the attitude expressed. There is no place in civilised society for racism and there can be no excuse or explanation for such beliefs.
The beer & the food was indeed good, however the commentary was upsetting. If it was meant in jest it's poor taste, if it was serious in intent then it's immoral.

My wife and I recently visited this pub with some Australian friends and agree that the building, food service and beer were very good.
However, the landlord is an absolute disgrace. On discovering that we are from Leicestershire, he made several rascist comments about the ethnic mix in Leicester, which were very embarrassing. This only got worse when he turned his attention to our friends. He claimed that Australians had got it right by attempting to irradicate the Aboriginal population, suggesting shooting and castration as his preferred means of extermination.
We were appalled by his statements and by his assumption that we would agree simply because we are white. We will certainly not return.
We had a superb meal here a few days ago whilst on holiday. The beer was also of outstanding quality . The landlord is perhaps a little eccentric but his enthusiasm is infectious amongst the staff and the customers!
One of the very best 'good pub guide' pubs that we have visited in recent times. Although it is a good couple of hours away from home, we will be visiting again, arranging to meet up with friends there :)

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