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Easton Way, Eastgate
NR10 4HA
(01603) 871430
Opening Times
11.45 - 3, 5.45 - 11
11.45 - 11

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Ratcatchers, Cawston, Norfolk, NR10 4HA – The Good Pub Guide


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Rating: 3/5 (241 votes cast)

Reader Comments

Wonderful traditional country pub.
We always get a warm welcome here, the staff are friendly and extremely attentive. The food is amazing and all freshly cooked to order from the local area. The have won countless awards including customer service pub and the head chef was in the top six in the country at a national award last year

We cannot recommend this pub.

We arrived on a Saturday, having booked, to find small cap park full and only spaces on narrow lane with muddy verge.

We clocked in at the bar and, having been warned (in an offhand way) that they would "get round to us as soon as they could" were served a drink, given menus, and led to a table.

After 35 minutes during which nobody came near us (at which point we had just decided we'd give them a another ten minutes before leaving) a waitress arrived to take our order, but said she couldn't guarantee that our food would arrive fairly soon because "they were busy". So we paid for the drinks and left.

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