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I am so disappointed by this pub. I have been 3 times now and although the food is excellent, the service has let it down every time. The first time I was expected to wait 20 mins to pay while they recharged as they had let both their debit card machines drain down. The second time, they first forgot our drinks, then brought one of our dinners 10 minutes before the rest, dragged their teatowels through our drinks when putting the meals on our table - always put ice in my drink when I specifically ask them not to. The third time, there was no one serving at the bar, or to seat people and we had to go find someone after 10 mins. Then the waitress practically yelled asking what we wanted to eat and after we had eaten, she was cleaning another table and yelled over to us if we wanted anything else. It really is not what you expect of somewhere which charges what they do for the food. The first two times I could override the service as I love the food, but after three attempts I am afraid I will be eating elsewhere in future. A great shame, it used to be packed, now it isn't.
It's such a shame - The Feathers used to be a real treasure. The food was tasty; the portions bountiful; and the service quick. However, having recently been taken over by a chain, quality has dipped. Not dived, though. Just dipped.

The fish pie is no longer a pie to travel for. The portions have visibly reduced. Items are not what they say on the tin (i.e., the fish and shellfish pie contained more mash than filling and not a single prawn). And, as well as having to wait more than an hour for our meal and 10 minutes between the first and last person being served (they hadn't expected to be busy on a weeknight), a couple of meals were served cold. Add to that the fact that the place was very understaffed which led to frustratingly lengthy waits for anything from sauces to the bill and you get just another middle-of-the-road chain pub.

On the plus side, although not a patch on what it previously was, the food was still tasty enough; the decor is still warming; and the staff (who were a lovely bunch) seemed genuinely apologetic.

All in all, if you want standard tasty pub grub and don't mind a wait on a weeknight, The Feathers is worth a visit. But if you've visited before and are returning for the same quality that we'd come to expect, it might be worth spreading your wings and looking further afield.

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