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I really don't understand how this pub/ restaurant has been entered into the Good Pub Guide.
My family and I have just visited this establishment.
Having had a leisurely drive there, and having taken a few minutes to drink in the breathtaking views of the Stour, we headed in for our meal, which we had booked a table for, in advance.
When the meal came, my scampi was burnt, so I could only eat the fish inside. My elderly, unwell mother in law (aged 86) ordered sausage and mash.
The table was sticky and covered with oil which attracted lots of flies around the food. My husband tried to swat them away, but was unsuccessful. When a fly landed in my mother in laws dinner, he scooped up the insect along with some of the food and took it to show a waitress, who asked what she should do about it. She didn't think to offer a serviette to take it away in. Nothing was done to remove the flies, nor we offered a fresh seating arrangement. When we spoke to the manager he was rude, aggressive and sarcastic and most unhelpull Unless you want food poisoning, stear well clear of this establishment
A great family pub. Friendly and welcoming. Large garden with a children's play area.
Good value menu with classic dishes including a range of pies. Cask Marque accredited. Well kept Adnams and Greene King IPA. A good selection of wines, soft drinks and coffee.
Large modern restaurant with space for large parties and a small separate room in the original part of the building.

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