Good Pub Guide

  1. Bring the Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels, and B&Bs

This guide has over 1000 places that you can bring your dog along to. Each pub/B&B listed has a description of what it is like, when they are open and when they serve food. If in doubt on where to go after a walk with your pup, just look to the guide. 

2. Take some water and treats

It’s no good knowing you’ll have a good pub meal, what about your pooch? Make sure you have an extra water bottle for your dog (some Schmackos or Rodeo Twists may be greatly appreciated too). After a long walk, the pup may be peckish too! If you’re staying for a night or two, bring dog food and bowls- normality is always good.

3. Take some towels and bedding

Whether this is to wipe your dog down before going in for a bite to eat or it is to lay down sheets for them to sleep on in the hotel, spares are always a good idea. Having sheets from home, with a familiar smell, may also help your dog settle a lot quicker when staying in a hotel. A little extra thought like this will make the whole trip go a lot smoother.

4. Brush your pup

If owners are kind enough to welcome your four-legged friend to their pub or B&B, be courteous and give your dog a brush before you set off. This will get rid of any loose hairs and minimalise the stray ones meaning they’re not left on other people’s property.

5. Got cover?

If a certain someone is slightly mischievous, excitable or just plain clumsy, check your pet insurance to see that it covers personal liability i.e. knocking over/breaking furniture or tripping people up. It’s okay, we’ve all had at least one Marley&Me experience, just make sure it can be sorted easily with cover!

6. Check your route

Supposing it is busy on the motorway or has been raining making the path muddy, checking the route you’ll take when driving and walking is essential. Check the traffic before you set off, it will let you judge what supplies you will need for your dog in the car. Likewise, if the weather has been off then your countryside walk may be very muddy and slippery. A bit of mud never hurt anyone, nor are you going to melt in the rain, but you may need wellies and extra waterproofs- bare this in mind.

7. Have fun!

A trip away, or even just a day out, is meant to be fun and enjoyable for you and your pup. With the Good Guide in your bag, your dog pulling on the lead and supplies in the car, you will never feel more at peace with yourself after planning the perfect doggy day!

You can order your copy of the guide HERE 

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