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Not bad for a pint. It has quite a modern feel rather than the traditional brick a brack approach to a 'pub atmosphere'. The decor has more of a cafe/wine-bar feel to it, with some high tables with stools. Beers I saw available included Hogsback T.E.A, Red mist and a couple of others. Other drinks included decent whiskys (Laphroiag 10, Highland park 12) and a reasonably good wine list. (though nothing too serious) The food was modern and decent (nice fish and chips) and reasonably priced. Overall this is a well-run place that gets busy in the evenings with the local crowd.

I think this is certainly in the 'lucky dip' category rather than a main entry. The food is certainly an attraction but the atmosphere (created by the modern but plain decor) didn't have that 'special' feel to it that most readers would seek in a good pub. (Quite a nice option for lunch though if you don;t want a place that has that heavy evening feel. I suspect a lot of people go there for coffee instead of a pint.)

Trendy dining area out the back with a decent pub garden.

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