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As always great atmosphere in the evening (not so good weekday afternoons/mornings) and a range of beer that is second to none in the UK (literally).

Being allowed to bring your own food is great and it's a shame more pubs don't do this. (Salt pepper and ketchup are provided as well as plates and cutlery.) great for bringing in a chinese takeaway and trying it out with 15 different beers (by the half).

Perhaps the toilet doors are a too narrow for disabled access.

What is not mentioned in the guide is that this pub backs onto The Old Joint Stock (main entry) and it's almost as if these two very different pubs are the same building. Simply go out onto the small terrace at the back of the OJS, down the steps and through the back door of the Wellington which is 2 metres infront of you! Hope this get pointed out in the 2011 guide because I suspect that there are many readers who haven't realised how close these pubs are.

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