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Bar food times: 12 - 2, 6 - 9

Beautifully presented food using first class local, seasonal produce includes bar nibbles such as black pudding scotch egg, venison cigars and wild mushrooms on toast with an egg - also chilli, soy and mirin-glazed gurnard with marmite and parsnip purée and chilli-glazed cauliflower stem, slow-braised oxtail with pickled apple, quail egg yolk and truffle mash, local chicken bargain bucket with barbecue beans, honey and soy breast, coleslaw and chicken oyster salad, white wine-battered haddock with chip shop treats, and puddings such as chocolate caramel centre with banana parfait, banana chips and caramelised banana and yorkshire forced rhubarb with frangipane, custard and rhubarb sorbet.

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141 votes cast
Discretionary service charge 12.5% equals uninterested staff and on this occasion greedy, too

We just can’t express the disappointment we felt after dining at this pub. We went there expecting a Michelin star experience when it actually was just the village pub. It is a confused place, not exactly knowing if it’s for the locals or for fine dining, trying to be both proves quite difficult. It is part of a very close community so it’s impossible not to think of your locals but the fact that the rest of us is dismissed and overcharged, is not acceptable.

The food is to some extend at the level of what 1 Michelin star says about an eatery: a place with good food. The chef is definitely skilful, with innovative techniques for a pub and a good use of ingredients. We particularly loved the greengages & damson foam to accompany the pork jowl, what a great idea instead of using only apple sauce! The depth of flavour of the jus with crunchy roasted hazelnuts was cutting through the richness of the pork. Really well executed. Other innovative touches that are worth a mention: the nori broth, salty and unforgiving with the fattiness of the eel; the taste of the forest on the fungi risotto; the rye cake slightly smoked under a glass cloche; the presentation of the dishes and the right combination of colours and textures. Some of the elements on the plates were hard to eat as presented, crackling was gooey therefore hard to cut without spreading the mash potatoes all over the plate, eel was a bit stringy, the sprats on a beautiful stone bass didn’t make any sense.

However, the chef should just get out of there!

Service was very poor and over confident. We were not asked if we visited before or if everything was ok with the food (at any stage in our 3 course meal) - we were just not on the radar. There are 2 separate floors, one for fine dining at the first floor, and one for tourists like us in between the bar, the ladies and the gents loos on the ground floor.

We arrived among the first guests, as we travelled for 1:30 to be there. This didn’t make the staff stop chatting and laughing right next to our table, carrying on with their conversation because they weren’t too busy at that stage. Everything from taking our order to bringing the bill was just-another-day-in-the-office thing, no interaction with us, nothing, not even the slightest try to engage in a minimal conversation.

This is when all began to be very interesting:

At the end, they charged us for 4 glasses of wine instead of two and of course the extra service charge (12.5%) that was added to the bill. The chef-patron should just stop doing this: it disengages the employees, they don’t strive to do well.

We only realised this after we paid, so we asked to talk to one of the two people that attended us. They were too busy to talk to us and just simply not to be seen anywhere. Maybe they were very busy at that moment, but it looked sooo bad! We asked again to see one of them and we received a very confused explanation about why there were 4 glasses on the bill but no apologies. We were refunded by another member of staff who didn’t however offer to refund the service charge - which we found very rude. It looked like they all knew about this practice and their were annoyed with us to have come back. At that stage, we were more embarrassed to be there than they were, so my husband left quickly.

We were so disappointed to have entrusted them with our special evening, felt robbed (not only for the money that we didn’t want to reward the staff with) but for the waste of time to have travelled there and back to Darmouth just for an average experience. And at the end of it all, for a foodie like me, they absolutely killed my enthusiasm. They are so far far away from a 1 Michelin starred establishment that I just cannot understand who that Michelin inspector was that awarded it.

And although the food was good, I have seen better and the fact that a chef uses local produce and a few gadgets in the kitchen shouldn’t bring him or the establishment a Michelin star, especially when the establishment is run by poorly trained people with very bad habits and no manners.

Also, be aware when you book because if you want to cancel 48 hours before your evening, they charge £50 per person. I haven’t seen this in any restaurant, not to mention a Michelin starred one. Book at any of the well established, famous restaurants and they will never ever mention this to you.

What a place!
I have eaten in the Treby twice now. Wow,,,, Claire and Anton were very welcoming, the pub has been totally renovated and has a very relaxing atmosphere. The food was
amazing and really good value. Would definately recommend it. Will be back.....

I can highly recommend the Treby Arms, from start to finish the who dining experience was exceptional and valuing.

Welcomed by a friendly barman and Claire who showed us to our table and explained the menue to us.

The food was good quality, firstclass and presented well a real tastebud sensation. The interior beautifully stylish but yet lending itself to a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

I had the 3 course lunch menue great value. My friends and I had an enjoyable time and are still talking about the food and friendliness.

Well done Anton and Claire just loved it and will certainly be a frequent visitor.
We went to the Treby for lunch today and all I can say is that this was some of the best food I've eaten out in a long time! Totally worth a visit, for the food and the lovely interior.... actually makes me want to move to Sparkwell a bit!
This is the second time that we have visited the Treby Arms, and i must say everything that people say about it is true. From the second we walked in and were greeted by the barman who made us feel at home straight away with his charm and warm welcome to the charming young lady that showed us to our table.

As for the food , it was simply a delight to eat, the presentation was out of this world, the last time that i saw presentation like this was in London and that restaurant had 1 star, all in all i must say that it was the best meal that i have eaten in years, the service was amazing and the "worth a visit" should be changed to "crazy not to visit".

Hope to see you all again soon.

I have eaten here about 3 times since it has re-opened.

Always been pleased with the food (and I am fussy!).

It's relaxed and friendly and I would recommend it to all ages, there is a nice little park opposite too which is handy for families.

I would say it is the best pub food in the area.
I lived in this pub back in the 80s, saw when it was sadly closed for a long period, and then learnt of its transformation through friends that live in the village. And WHAT a transformation!
I've had the pleasure to eat there twice in the last couple of months, and can't wait for the next. Clare and Anton have turned it into a thing of beauty since its beginnings as a humble village pub - it's now a destination to be treasured.
Having tried both the lunch and evening menus, (I'm salivating as I write) I can say that they meet their descriptions and surpass them. Potted shrimp and crab were perfection as a starter, and the fish and chips with 'chip shop treats', were enough to make us long to return. When we did - 4 weeks later (I now live in Sheffield, so it's less easy than we'd like) I had the "This Little Piggy" dish, which were all the porky delights you could wish for. The starter, featuring black pudding, was artistry on a plate, and the coffee panacotta was trembling and delicate, as it should be. All plates looked amazing upon their delivery to the table (by charming, friendly waiting staff) and all plates were bare by the time we'd finished with them. I don't think there's a better tribute to the chef than that. We're counting the days 'til we can visit again.
You've been open 2 months? And I've eaten there at least 7 times already! Stunning, stunning food. Anton, you are a genius! Highlights so far have been melt in the mouth beef fillet, fish and chips, cajun lamb steak, crab sandwich, mango sorbet, profiteroles, sticky toffee pudding. Popped up there for a quick lunchtime drink today but sadly the battered anchovies have sold out but had the most delightful little smoked salmon scotch egg instead. Keep up this fabulous standard Anton and Clare, this has got to be the best food in Plymouth at the moment!
WOW...............spiced crab was to die for, and for my mains i had the roast seabass and shellfish pasta top restaurant dish with out paying the earth for this cooking only £13.95 yum yum and for the service was the same great night will be back next week
Well what can i say! I have eaten here quite a few times now and will definatly be going back for more. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating and the service is excellent. Each time i have been, there has been different things on the menu to choose from aswell as some regular favourites they keep on all the time! I particularly enjoyed the Thai green mussells and the cajun spiced lamb! All the food is locally sorced so you know what your eating and where its from! All in all a very enjoyable experience.

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