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Fantastic night like being a time traveler. This is how pubs should be, when this place is gone we will never see the like again.
Visited this wonderful pub in 1970 for the first time, it was just as it should be - a proper pub. recently I called in and after 45 years it is still a fantastic pub. Worth passing all those 'plastic ' pubs to see and experience a real gem.
4 beers on tap (2 'dark', 2 'light'), their own beer (Black Lurcher) has a tremendous taste and very strong! - They do bottled cider and some bottled lager (I didn't notice which as I wasn't that interested).

A very no-frills pub and they do food, but again, no frills, very simple (usually something made on the site or from one of the local suppliers - Pork Pie, cheese, bread type of fayre). Also note the handmade plates and bowls. The owners are potters and also have a showroom, which I also recommend.

I assume dogs are allowed (the owner has three of his own lurchers that roam silently about the two rooms), and there is always live music - of the acoustic kind (no amplification). It's only open Friday, Sat and Sunday - usually 'all day'.

Don't be put off by the apparent 'localness' of the pub. It can be a bit intimidating for some for such a small and intimate pub, but the beer, the pork pie and pickle and the pottery are well worth the trip out to this relatively remote pub.

As all good pubs should be.
Real ale, no lager, no mobiles/ipads, fruit machines or boy band musak.
In the words of the great Baron Bill Bentley this pub is... "Derbyshire as it used to be".
this is without doubt one of the best pubs in the country

no tv, no fruit machines, no canned musicand no pool table

but lots of good food and beer. Dogs sat round the fire

wonderful conversation and if your luck some of the best folk music you will ever hear

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