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We were warned not to go to this pub by the locals, who told tales of a rude and bullying landlord, but decided to go and see for ourselves. On our first visit a year ago, we were settling down with our drinks perusing the menu when an elderly lady with her family on the table opposite copiously vomited all over her plate, the table and floor. Her family informed the staff, who took her plate away, but no attempt was made to clean up. We were appalled, and decide to eat elsewhere that evening. A year later, and we decided to visit the Crediton Food Fair. The Three Little Pigs had set up a stall selling food and drinks. We decided to give it another try, and my daughter and I sat on a bench whilst my husband waited in line to be served. We noticed an eccentric looking old rotund man with long grey hair hanging around. He then came up to us, and asked if we had a drink. My daughter and I looked at each other with horror, thinking he was "hitting" on us, and I quickly made it clear we were waiting for my husband who was still queuing for service. He then disappeared and we continued our conversation, but within a minute he was back, and telling us to get off HIS bench as his son wanted to sit down, and was shouting at us and was quite aggressive. We clearly thought he was crazy, and quickly left the area despite other benches being available. When we looked back, he had gone to the Three Little Pigs stall, and was talking to the staff, and it suddenly occurred to us that this must be the infamous landlord. I told my husband, who had almost got to the front of the queue, and we decided to take our custom elsewhere. So despite trying to eat here on 2 occasions, we have not yet sampled the food, and have no intention of doing so again, at least until there is a change of ownership.

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