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We have had Sunday lunch in this pub about 30 times over the years when we come down from London to visit my mother. We have tried other pubs for lunch in the area, but none get close to the quality of food, and when you combine the glorious setting, the beer, the
atmospheric old pub, it's hard to beat. I have always found the staff very friendly. They also allow me to bring the dog in...and the wife.
I was sorry to read that the previous commentator did not feel well served.

I think he has correctly assessed that this pub is not set up to meet his requirements. They have a specific target market and are set up to serve that market with the many loyal customers he mistook for locals. If he'd looked round he'd have realised the village could not have provided the many 'locals' he saw clogging up the place and stopping him getting just what he wanted.

It is true the food is not as cheap as chips but as he remarks they don't serve chips. I think he was right to move on. AS there are places in Midhurst and Petersfield which would probably be more to his taste.

Be a boring world if we were all the same wouldn't it
We left this pub (The Three Horseshoes at Elsted) as they were not prepared to vary their set menu and indicated a “take it or leave it” attitude; so we left it. We also left a large group of friends who were still waiting for their ordered (and overpriced) food.
My partner could not eat anything remaining from the standard menu due to a medical condition and they were not prepared to vary it at all. We normally find that the Chef is consulted and a compromise is found, but not in this case, as they had a full bar anyway!
I suggested a very simple (for the Chef) alternative, including just a bowl of chips, but was told they do not do such things. They were pre-warned of our group visit, so they knew we were coming, but seemed to be struggling to keep up. A similar unwelcoming (unless you are a local) approach occurred on a previous visit but now, as it’s happened twice, we will not be returning. Shame as the beer was good and the pub is in a nice position. We then drove a mile down the road to find The Elsted Inn where they just could not be more helpful and we had a wonderful meal there and spent the rest of the evening chatting to others in the bar. One regular visiting couple had a similar poor experience with abrupt bar staff at The Three Horseshoes that very lunchtime and like us, will never return. It’s not just us, is it?
Thank you for your hospitality and excellent food on the 2nd June. We wanted to show our overseas wedding guests a good example of an English pub. You didn't disappoint - thank you very much. Cynthia Raley.
this pub has a good choice menu at reasonable prices.
food was servd promptly.
table nice with great views over the downs.
food generous and delicious.
i don't know what the bad reviews are about maybe an off day or previous chef/manager, ignore them!
Very disappointed - We returned to this pub for a family birthday celebration and although we booked had to wait nearly an hour for a starter to arrive and had not been served our main courses by 2.10 having arrived at 12.50. The kitchen cannot cope with the number of tables on a fine day when the garden is full. It is not acceptable to keep customers waiting this long. Our day was ruined. The apology was perfunctory.
A wonderful find!
We have been in the area on holiday and discovered this lovely pub.
The home cooked food is fabulous and the beer is great!
The staff were very friendly and welcoming, also helpful on information of walks etc in the area.
Dogs are also very welcome.
The garden has the most breathtaking views of the downs, and the roses are beautiful!
What a fantastic pub!
Beer sold straight from the barrel (the best way)
Great home cooked food, tasty and plenty of it.
Very friendly and welcoming staff.
Dogs are welcome, and the garden has the most amazing view over the downs.
A wonderful discovery, and we will certainly go back time and time again.

Great old fashioned country pub selection of beers on stillage and all the menu home-made. Fantastic views from the garden although can get busy on sunny weekends. Dogs made very welcome as are well-behaved children.
Arrived at the pub with my husband, 3 daughters and our dog. Initially ordered 5 main meals and a round of drinks. My husband then enquired about ordering a single starter for himself and this was encouraged by the polite waitress. Whilst my husband passed the kitchen on his way to the toilet he over heard the chef say to the waitress "look at that, just 1 starter and there is 5 of them, how selfish, what a f***ing arsehole". I am totally disgusted by this type of comment and behaviour. We complained to the waitress who acknowledged that this was said and apologised and we cancelled our meals and left. What amazes me more is that the owner was made aware of the incident and she didn't either apologise or look up and from the bar when we left? The most shocking customer service i think i have ever received?!!

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