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Had dinner there last Saturday. We had a 'free meal' voucher which is a nice scheme. We started with the Oxfordshire breads and then I had the "Goosey Goosey gander" goose breast with redcurrent sauce and seasonal vegetables with new potatoes. 14.75. The meat was very good and the vegetables also. I think the sauce tasted more orangy than redcurrent but it was still nice

My wife had the burger 'mega burger' English steak with chilli and grated cheddar ( the latter seemed missing) with creme fraische on a ciabatta roll with chips and salad. 11.50. Also good.

I was drinking soft drinks but my wife enjoyed their house white which was very good value. The staff were good and we rate this pub a good lucky dip entry.
My family and I had organised an event to be held here last night for an extremely special occasion. On more than one occasion it was confirmed that decorating the table with table confetti was not a problem. After proceeding to do this we were informed this was not acceptable and told to remove the decoration. We were horrified when the landlady herself rudely spoke down to a member of the party informing us it was her pub and she could do as she liked. She proceeded to go to the front of the bar and talk in a derogatory way to her staff about the same member of the party loud enough for the rest of the pub to hear. The landlady is the biggest problem with this pub although the food is very mediocre. After the evening was ruined for all of my party, I find myself unsurprised to discover other reviews online from people with who received similar treatment from this landlady. A woman who it seems has forgotten the minimum level of customer service and common decency that should be expected of any business. Strongly advise avoiding this pub, unless you want to be talked down to, and reminded of who's pub it is!
We had dinner here last night. They are offering in Feb a main course and a drink for ten pounds. I had a excellent pint of Loddon Hullaballo first.

We both had burgers:

I had the English steak burger with rump steak twice minced
with secret ingredients smoked bacon, stilton, tomato relish ,
gerkins with a salad relish. This also came with chips. It was very good. regular price 9.95

My wife had the minted mutton burger with cheddar, fried egg, minted mayo and red onion, salad and chips 8.95. Again very good.

Both come on a ciabatta roll.

We were full after this so did not have a dessert. Service was good ( we wish they would not add the gratituity on the bill but leave it to us!)

Very nice pub - with a visit!

We had an excellent dinner here Sat night. Service was really good; they train their staff well. Neither of us had
A starter I had the mutton pie which was really good. My wife had the ½ duck with a kumquat sauce which was nice and
Different from the usual orange/black cherry ones. The meat was very moist and lots of it which made her meal exceptional value.

We finished with the cheese – also a good portion, wonderful pub.

We had dinner here last week. There were five of us and they looked after us well.

Two of us had the chilli Mutton burger, one a plain burger, a steak and lastly a special vegetarian burger. All meals were excellent and I understand the beer was good ( I was driving). Service as I said was excellent. Interestingly they are having to use Australian Mutton due to supply problems with the Welsh version. worth a visit.

We went here last night for a meal. However good a place is if you go often enough one time you will have a meal which is not the best. Last night was my wife's turn for that. The service was good and my meal was excellent. I started with Woodland Follies which is wild mushrooms in a creamy stilton and garlic sauce served with garlic Nann. This was excellent and we also used the 'free' french bread to dip into the sauce.

I then had the Mutton pie with root vegetables slow roasted with real ale and a puff pastry lid. This came with vegetables. succulent meat fantastic gravy.

My wife had the salad with warm chicken and bacon on a leaf salad with vine tomatoes and cucumber, This also had hunks of stilton cheese with olives with pickled artichokes. It had a a roquefort dressing. The chicken was touch and the stilton very hard. The side dish of chips were also cold. It was a shame as it could have been so good.

We also had a apple and blackberry crumble that was not very good - motto never have a dessert that you make at home!

The pub has served us other meals that were good so this is just a blip I think. It easily deserved a lucky dip entry possible a main entry too.

We went back to this pub last night as we had been so impressed on our last
visit. We were not to be disappointed. They had a slightly restricted menu on account of them running a 25 pound Xmas menu for the festive season. You can mix and match items off both menus which is good.

I started with an excellent pint of Green King IPA - well kept. I then had the Italian style crab cakes with a Avjar pepper sauce and salad 6.75. These were very good lots of crab meat. They had rice instead of the usual potato. Very tasty.

My wife had the English steak burger ( twice minced ) with secret ingredients bacon, stilton and relish with chips 9.95. She said it was a very good burger. I had a seafood between the sheets ( Lasagne ) with salmon, haddock and prawns. Lots of sea food nice Veloute sauce 10.25 with a side salad.

We still got the 'free' bread which is a nice touch. We had a Chilean Merlot also very good. I had a Xmas pudding which was very nice, my wife had the cheese thatcame with port.

So another excellent visit!

We had dinner here last night. I am amazed it has not featured in the pub guide so far.
The owners took it over in 2000 and had it refurbished in 2007. There are several rooms including a conservatory. It has tiled floor and old beams. The bar where we sat in had a lovely old fire burning. They support the lifeboats which I think is great. I had a pint of Loddon Hulaballoo which was well kept. Taken from its name they feature a good number of mutton dishes - the meat comes from Welsh Farm Organics in mid Wales and feature Welsh mountain sheet. They are also members of the mutton renaissance club Prince Charles is its patron.

I started with the Kings and Queens butterflied King prawns and Queen scallops grilled in lemon, dill glaze served with a radish and apple salad.
7.25. This was excellent the combination of the radish/apple was inspired. My wife then had the shoulder of mutton slow roasted for seven hours in rosemary, red capsicum, onions and red wine. 14.95. Very succulent meat nice vegetables.
I ordered the spicy mutton burger with jarlesberg cheese, avocado, jalepeno peppers and sweet chilli sauce. Very nice burger. 8.95. nice chips. We finished with the cheese which comes with port. 6.50. Excellent cheese selection. You get bread on the table an organic baguette.

all in all an excellent meal. We will be back soon and if the meal is as good as this one I'd be recommending this place as a main entry. Don't worry if you do not like mutton there are plenty of other dishes to tempt you the chicken and bacon salad looks very nice and two ever changing fresh fish dishes.

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