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Very disappointed, my partner and myself were celebrating our anniversary and chose to visit thr running mare as we have been several times before but this time very very disappointed in the quality of the food that was served.The steak was tough and over done we asked for it medium I ordered king prawns in garlic butter as a side well I can assure you they are not serving KING prawns and they had been microwaved they were as tough as old boots and very small as well,the sort you use for prawn cocktail and swimming in melted garlic butter the dish was so hot I could not move it off my plate for quite a while, my partner ordered onion rings but was served onion and thyme fritters in stead when we questioned the waiter (it was his first day) he checked with the chef and it seems they didn't do onion rings so he took it upon himself to stick more fatty fried fritters on the plate also the chef served up cherry tomatoes instead of grilled which I thought was the norm for a steak dish and they had not been grilled just warmed up. So the outcome of this is that we will not be returning until they employ a chef who can cook and thinks about the clientele.

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