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Are you kidding me? My 'chicken supreme' dish was not much bigger than a Post-it note. Tasted alright but I had to eat somewhere else afterwards. The wife had 'King Prawns,' but the only thing 'King' about them was the price. Tiny, tiny, tiny meals, and bland. Took all of 3 minutes to eat. No potato, pasta or rice, just a tiny slab of chicken with bone and skin. Unbelievable! Had to go to the casino to get my unjustified £60 back.
Just the facts:
It is still a quaint old beamed village pub but not a 5 star restaurant. Table space is at a premium. No table cloths. No space for restaurant table decoration (plain and simple - just like a pub).
Nice pub atmosphere. Quite busy on a Friday evening.
There is table service but staff are inexperienced and appear untrained (no cutlery, swapping condiments between tables).
A two course meal with a glass of wine (or a pint) will cost you about £25 to £30 per person (Oct 2014).
I had Gnocchi which was overcooked. The rest of the food was OK but just OK.
You pay extra for bread (£2 per head) but there was no cover charge.
Some income optimisation is evident. Ask for antipasto and it will be served without bread. You then have to purchase bread making a £19 starter for two. Ouch!
Waiters don't come round with the huge pepper grinder. So, it is not very Italian.
Check your bill carefully. I was accidentally overcharged for 2 drinks.
4 out of 10 - Give it a try. Happy eating out . . . .

This pub has changed hands a few times since the last report. Recently it has been dreadful, but it apparently is about to become an Italian gastro pub. Watch this space.
This is a superb pub which we've frequented regularly for the last year or so. The food is consistently good, the Badger ales on tap, heavenly (my favourite brewery), and very reasonably priced. Set in beautiful countryside, near the roman ruins of Silchester this is well worth a visit. They have a surprising good selection of wines as well. Don't be fooled the interior, the cosy open fires and excellent service more than make up for this. They serve the best burgers ever and the cheese selection is sublime.

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