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There has been a change of landlord here. It remains popular and the young staff are welcoming.

But occasionally things happen that make you wonder! No pork scratchins!!

No call for it, apparently, but then food seems to be the main emphasis so snacks are not encouraged. Sorry, you have lost my custom.
This is a proper pub, with locals, friendly staff and traditional decor, with only the quiet murmer of voices, far preferable to music, as background. The WIFI actually works! It is clean with a friendly dog and newspapers. It is a Donnington's pub.

This town is very much on the tourist map, which is all the more reason to enjoy this place. All the pubs in Stow are good, but for the lover of tradition, this is the best.

The food is pub food, unpretentious and good value. In winter, the log fire is hugely welcome in this potentially windy wold town.
As a Yank tourist, I was lucky to spend several weeks in Stow. This pub is a classic with good food and fine people. The fireplace on a cool night was especially welcome.

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