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This is feedback after my 3rd visit to this establishment. And so far I'm quite disappoint.
The first time that I hate here (evening time), me and my husband decided to order the Turf,Turf and Surf meal and with it been a Monday we decided to have it up-graded to the King-Combo.
Having decided, I went to the bar to order, only to be told that there were no 8oz upgrade stakes left available. I asked if the chef could cut a 5oz in half to make the weight up. I was replied with a NO as everything is on a computer-order-system (what happens if a steak is over-cooked or ruined by wonder?) and no alternative was offered as a gesture of good will. After deciding to go ahead and have the said meal anyway (as we were hungry)we where asked before we had even seen any food if we would like to leave a tip as we where paying by credit-card..Amazing cheek (although the food was cooked nice.(compliments to the chef))...that was my first visit.

My second visit was on the 29/12/2012. It was my husbands, mother 70th birthday and after the nicely cooked food we had previous we decided to book for a table of 13. The food again was very well cooked, tasty and served in very good time.
The only problem we had was that we where given a small piece of paper and pen to right the starter and main-course order down ourselves. It would of been nice if we had a waitress to take the orders down for us!

My 3rd visit was today 2/3/2013.2pm
After the nice food we had served again at my mother-in-laws 70th birthday meal me and my husband decided visit again to treat ourselves to the meal-deal, 2 x 6oz Rib eye steaks for £10 that is advertised on the web-site and on the menu from our last visit. We could of had a meal at our local pub (as we live a fear distance from your venue), but we where impressed with the deal and previously cooked food.
After arriving and having a drink. We decided to place our order only to be told that they had not had any delivery of the Rib-Eyes. GOB smacked! I asked if they could provide any alternative. Again I was replied with a stern NO and no apologies where given.

Due to the fact that you advertise deals,but are unable to deliver me and my partner decided to take are custom to the Crown & Arrows, Hungry-Horse where we enjoyed a really nice meal and will continue to do so until the Nosey-Parker can rectify it's problems.

In summing up The Nosey-Parker. Very nice food if or when available.

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