Knife & Cleaver

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The Grove
Houghton Conquest
MK45 3LA
(01234) 930789
Opening Times
12 - 2.30 (2 Sat, 3 Sun) , 7 - 11
27 - 31 Dec and possibly Sun evening

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Knife & Cleaver, Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, MK45 3LA – The Good Pub Guide

Worth a Visit

Refurbished and extended 17th-c village dining pub opposite church, good variety of well liked food from separate bar and restaurant menus, extensive choice of wines by the glass including champagne, Courage, Wells & Youngs and a guest, friendly helpful staff; free wi-fi; children welcome, no dogs inside, nine chalet bedrooms arranged around courtyard and garden, good breakfast, free charging of electric cars for guests, open all day from 7am (8am weekends), till 8pm Sun


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Rating: 3/5 (780 votes cast)

Reader Comments

This place has been refurbished since the last comments which were totally deserved during that period. It was not a good place to drink or eat for quite a long time. What a transformation now though. Do give it a try! The team who have taken on this challenge deserve you to at least pay them a visit and make your own minds up. We always enjoy our visits and have nothing negative to say.

I have just left the knife and cleaver. Hopefullly for the last time! We were unaware of the change of management when we arrived, but soon realised... We were shown to our table in the once lovely conservatory which now seems to have been converted into a walk in fridge. So best of a bad job we joined the other shivering diners in their coats and had a look at the menu. This was reassuring as the gourmet prices were the same as ever. so before we died of exposure we had alook through. At this point my wife was fearing hyperthermia so we asked to be moved out of the fridge to another table which was slightly better. We ordered the homous starter - it arrived in one piece, unfortunately to make it taste of anything we had to order gin and tonic an use the lemon juice. Maybe the he'd would notice and add some to the recipe! Oh well - maybe we were expecting too much. We ordered the most Greek dish we could for main. Mousaka. Thinking it was something that just couldn't go wrong. Unfortunately we could. The table next door had a similar expeience so by now we were building quite a rapport. They ordered desert - thank god because it meant we were spared from making the decision. Thy took the bullet with slices of cheese cake that turned out to be a failed sponge cake one of the owners children had brought back from home economics class. This was the pinnacle though. This brave table decided to try and get over their disappointment with coffee. Minutes later they were disappointed once again, but at least there were chocolates, surely some solace!? No - not real chocolates. Quite an achievement. The best bit was refusing to pay full price and leaving never to return. If you ever want to go here, my advice is - there is a mcdonald's just 10 mons more
driving from here!

This hostelry has long been a favourite with us as a meeting place with distant relatives. Not any more it isn't. The place is under new management and boy have standards dropped. We had chicken soup, if you can call it that, and had the same experience as agl - dishwater.

Once a local favourite but now sadly under new ownership with a dramatic decrease in standards. We started with their fish soup - dishwater to give it another name - and were at first amused by the thef's repeated visits to the table to inform us that our first, second and third choices were unavailable! Ended up going for what turned out to be a lump of greasy salmon on a bed of celery, accompanied by some microwaved vegetables while my partner endured a watery and undercooked sea bass. A budget restaurant at best but £50 for two is hardly a budget price - this has to be one of the worst restaurant meals I have ever been served. Long gone are the lobster thermidor and hand-made desserts, Little Chef offers far better value and menu selection. Shame - this was once a great restaurant.

The way the new management are working this should soon be bring back as a main entry. In addition to traditional english dishes it offers greek and contentinentail food. Retains empharis on fresh simply cooked fish e.g cod, salmon, plaice, rock salmon at £9.95 each, skate (£10.95) , sea bass (£10.95), tuna plus native sea food platter for 2 (£19.95) consisting of king prawns, mussles, scallops, oysters and whitbait.
English and greek deserts.
Bar meals from £5.95

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