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Poor customer service; lack of choice of beers(one!); questioned if we were drinking there when we went to the toilet despite having been served minutes earlier. Will not return.
I have never been so poorly treated in my life.

Visiting England from overseas, three of my local pals promised to show me around some of the sights of Clent. After visiting The Vine and The Fountain, we opened the door to the Hill Tavern for another round.

My friend Fred asked for a glass of tap water as he was driving. With hundreds of Britons a year being killed or injured from drink driving one would think the staff would encourage this. The bar lady immediately demanded cash for the tap water in an importunate tone. Fred mentioned that it was a legal requirement of bars to provide free tap water if selling alcohol but the lady dismissed this with a wave of the hand.

It is understandable if a group of patrons were to come in all wanting free water and the bar staff could stand to lose money, but the remaining three of us were to be drinking beers and thereby contributing money to the establishment. Fred explained this in a polite and reserved manner, but it was no use.

The lady behind the bar flew off the handle, taking Fred's friendly reminder as a personal insult. Within ten seconds of entering The Hill Tavern we were forcibly ejected by the furious bar lady. Even though we had respectfully tried to explain our point with the appropriate level of respect and calmness she threw us out in an unnecessary display of aggression.

Insult was added to injury when a drunken old man, possibly one of the management, followed us out to slur a series of threats for us to leave. Much like his coworker he was utterly unwilling to listen to our entreaties.

The fact that all we wanted was to give them business with the very reasonable request of tap water for the driver and what we got in return was a bracingly rude experience means that none of us will ever return to patronise this pub. We went down to the French Hen for a couple of rounds and had a very polite and friendly reception.

Unscrupulous staff of the Hill Tavern, a pox on you, and all of your line.

M. Poynter

Went in today after a walk and won't be returning - Staff are very rude and unwelcoming
I can only speak as I find...We have been to this pub many times and never found any reason to complain the staff are lovely, pub is kept very clean and they always make us feel very welcome. Definitely recommend the bacon baps they are to die for :)..its in a beautiful spot and we always look forward to going there with our dogs..I think some people need to realise they have a business to run !!!!!! Can you imagine how many people must go in to ask to use the toilet or refill their water it must be very frustrating...hence why they probably have this policy.
I'm sorry but these comments are comical . We go every week with our dogs , we have 3 of them , after our walk over clent we go to the tavern were we are welcomed with open arms . They love dogs , and we have a great laugh with the bar staff and owner , we have been going there for over 18 months , we see many people come just to use the toilets , and fill water bottles up , I'm sorry it's business and they have to make money to stay open , y should they let you use the facilities for free.would you workfor free .no I doubt it .. Stop being tight . The foodie great and the beer is even better, best pub around ..
Rude staff, rubbish food, service was terrible! Never again...Place should be taken over by some pleasant people!!!!
I have drank here before but will not return and will pass on the message to friends and family not to enter either. We have just returned from a walk around Clent my son who is 4 fell over and as a consequence had dog mess on his hand, I wiped it with a tissue and walked down to the Hill Tavern to wash his hands. We walked in and explained what happened and was refused entry to the toilets ... I had to ask a few time in order to wash my sons hands. I was made to feel unwelcome and spoken to quite abruptly. Customer service costs nothing and leaves a lasting impression, this one was very bad indeed. I have been met by miserable staff here before but cannot believe how I was treated just because we wanted to wash my sons hands I am appalled
Having seen the advertised opening at 12 in the week, we waited outside for the pub to open. It didn't!
Having spent a pleasant lunchtime in the area, I took my son (3 and a half) for a short walk. It was a very warm day and he had a kids' water bottle with him. He was playing and managed to pour the contents on the ground. I didn't think much of it as there was a pub right there (Hill Tavern) and kids were playing outside. I took my little boy inside and asked the lady behind the bar if she would mind filling the bottle up with tap water. She looked across at a man who seemed to be the manager and he shook his head. She then told me I would have to buy some water. As I only had a credit card I had to meet the minimum purchase limit, I ended up buying 4 drinks for about £1.50 each. The manager wouldn't look at me after that so I assume he was embarrassed about such a poor policy. I have since been told that in the UK it is illegal to refuse someone a glass of tap water, i don't know if this applies to pubs. I can imagine the frustration of having to give free water to hundreds of people at the same time, but as the inside of the pub was empty and we didn't even require a glass, this would hardly much trouble for most pubs.
Very poor, 10th April 2015.
I am fed up with going to this pub for a drink with my family only to find it shut.
I went there on 6th October after arranging to meet my Brother and Daughter with their children at 6.60pm only to find it shut, I spoke to the Owner and she said I open and close when I feel like it and as we have no customers I am shut, I said but its only 6.30 but she was`nt bothered.
This has happened before, we try to go there as not many pubs cater and allow children in in that area.
I thought a pub was not allowed to shut or open outside of agreed hours.
No wonder they have no customers when no one knows if they will be open or not, they don`t deserve a pub, they have it as a hobby and don`t care about anyone else.

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