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I am fed up with going to this pub for a drink with my family only to find it shut.
I went there on 6th October after arranging to meet my Brother and Daughter with their children at 6.60pm only to find it shut, I spoke to the Owner and she said I open and close when I feel like it and as we have no customers I am shut, I said but its only 6.30 but she was`nt bothered.
This has happened before, we try to go there as not many pubs cater and allow children in in that area.
I thought a pub was not allowed to shut or open outside of agreed hours.
No wonder they have no customers when no one knows if they will be open or not, they don`t deserve a pub, they have it as a hobby and don`t care about anyone else.
We went into the Hill Tavern as my 7 year old daughter desperately needed the toilet although I was contemplating buying a drink anyway. However the way we were publicly heckled about whether we did indeed intend to buy a drink while my child clutched herself in pain quickly confirmed my decision. The landlady informed me it was not her problem that my daughter needed the toilet so much that she was in pain, something I did not relish an impressionable child hearing aside from the physical discomfort she was in. She advised me when asked that she is in fact not human and then a burly barmaid appeared and very aggressively started saying that it is the National |Trust's rule that people cannot use the toilet unless they're buying a drink, which if it is the case I would be surprised if that included children who were so close to having an accident it might well have been her problem; and secondly as a member of the NT I will be investigating. I would never ever buy anything from here and in fact this is about the 3rd time I have encountered rudeness from the staff here even when the toilet was not our principal reason for visiting.

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