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I visited this pub with friends on a Saturday recently. All I can say is the food was amazing but the thing that let it down was the clientele. There was a group of about 10 people at the bar and language and loud behaviour being used was totallly unacceptable. The staff behind the bar were totally aware of this going on but did nothing to stop it. I feel that if this sort of behaviour is allowd to continue people will not make a return visit however good the food is. SORT IT OUT!!!!
My parents took me here tonight for a celebratory dinner. It was fantastic! A lovely warm, friendly atmosphere and great service throughout the evening. My Dad was impressed at their range of "Ale" and tried a new one - he enjoyed it.
We ate really well - the food was delicious and obviously made with care and attention.
I understand that the pub has recently undergone a renovation - all I can say is I'll definitely be returning.

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