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Bar food times: Filled rolls available until sold out; not Sun

Bar food consists of rolls and good pies at lunchtime (not Sunday).

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114 votes cast
Not only Beers and Ales guys and girls but a fairly substantial selection of Ciders !! In fact a 'Nirvana' for Cider lovers. Went in this pub the other night with a mate (for the first time in almost 20 years) and felt instantly at home !! Such a wonderfully traditional English but is so much more in lots of ways. Will be back time and time again as live 5 minutes walk away.

Why did I have to take the car? Why?! WHY!?!?!
This just has got to be my number one pub in England and following football, I've seen loads - its just a pity that it looks like Norwich are going up to the premiership and supporing a rubbish team like to do, I'm unlikely to get to this pub for some time to come! The beer range is fabulous - its not like me to drink halves but there are so many on offer that I couldn't try as many as I could if I were on pints! A fabulous pub with fabulous beers - just how a pub should be.
I only wish I still lived 5 minutes walk away from this pub! A proper real ale pub with knowledgeable friendly staff.
On the odd occasions I get to visit Norwich, this place is on my itinerary. Always busy but plenty of fast, efficient staff.
The only problem is choosing for such a large range of quality drinks.
Can't think of a 'pubbier' pub anywhere. Brilliant!

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