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Dundry Inn.. I heard the food was good, Guess we'll never know. I should of checked the reviews as I certainly would not have bothered.

Things started OK, we arrived, were pointed to our table and told Ill be over in a minute to take your drink orders. Ill keep it simple, It was a red wine, white wine and soda, lemonade, coke and a water. Drinks arrived delivered by the the owner from what I can tell.. Ahh there's no white wine and soda and the lemonade for our granddaughter clearly was not lemonade.. "I dont know he made them." looking over to the bar.. "Im busy i'd rather just put these down and get on.." Then he just walked away.. He then returned.. Stupidly we thought to sort the drinks out.. We started to explain what was wrong and he blanked us and walked away again.. He then returned, we tried again he walked away mid sentence. He then returned again with a glass and placed it on the table, it was at this point I asked "Whats with the attitude?" As we hadn't done anything to warrant it.. My wife said, "I was explaining the drinks and you just walked away, that's really rude." He glared at her.. "Im Busy!! I'm cooking YOUR food!!" (We haven't ordered our food yet). My wife said "that's no reason to be rude." "Well... This is whats going to happen now!!" He said, took a deep breath and glared at each of us in turn.. Did his best Julius Caesar (Clearly he is a legend.. In his own mind) took a step back, pointed at the door and said "Im going to ask you to leave." bit of stunned laughter from us.. "GET OUT!!" With some more laughter and a "You've got to be ****ing kidding??!!" from my wife we were told again.. "GET OUT!!" The funny side now long gone, anger started to seep its way in.. We all exited, my wife clearly upset and angry grabbed her bag stood sharply up knocking the drinks (which were still wrong) over.. Oh my god!! Now we have the owner and the lackey from the bar, I think he is a partner on us.. "GET OUT!!" "YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!" "GET OUT!" "Im calling the police!" "Your Going to get 6 months inside for this!" "GET OUT!! GET OUT!!" We left.. They followed us outside.. More of the same, I have to say at this point we were giving our fare share as well we're not angels.. I could go on but im sure your all sick of hearing it now and it was a lot of the same.. With one final word to my wife from the owner as he march back into the Dundry Inn... "You Ugly Bi***!" Class act eh??
I can't find words to such an appalling and horrible behaviour. But having read others reviews on tripadvisor and google i understood that owner is violent and very dangerous for society. I agree with others, that this person simply can't run a pub. We were waiting for 20mins to be served, but when he finally came and only asked how long the dish will be cooked, he started to shout at us, that its not a McDonalds (similar to others in reviews). We placed the order, but looking at my scared daughter after literally 5 seconds we came with her to his kitchen to cancel the order, because we all lost appetite after such distress. And what happened there, i have never experienced in my life. He had a tantrum, I thought he would kill us both. He pushed me out of the kitchen with such a force. But it was nothing compared to swear words he used in front of my 12 y.o. child.
Then he took away with force my work badge with my name on it to report to my work , still don't know what to report though. He never gave it back to me, although i had £50 on it..Then he approached my husband and baby and shouted them to get out of his pub, again with swear words. When he was pushing us out of the pub, the fact that we stayed calm probably frustrated him, and he teared off a lanyard from my neck and slammed the door. Luckily we had witnesses, but never ever me and all my friends return again. I wished i read all those reviews upfront. Apparently owner hates children and foreigners, based on reviews of others. I never write review, but i couldn't leave it like this.
Now under new management. Great atmosphere, home cooked food, cask conditioned real ale, fine wines, en-suite accommodation, beer garden with fantastic views, meeting room. Open Tuesday to Saturday 12.00 noon - 11.00pm, Sunday (for delicious roasts) 12.00 noon - 6.00pm

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