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This pub is simply terrible, we arrived to eat on a sunday and ordered drinks from the very miserable landlady, we ordered 3 chicken roast dinners that when came looked and tasted liked a load of frozen tasteless vegetables with the peas taking up literally half the plate, with processed chicken breast frozen rolled and sliced, certainly not the freshly roasted fayre we were expecting having just paid nearly £10 a head. When we explained to the waitress that we were not happy, we were simply ignored, when we approached the "chef" and i do term that very loosely , we were told in a very abrupt manner that he didnt give refunds, even though we had left two whole meals. When i then explained that i would like a receipt as i would be taking it further, the landlady slapped £20 on the bar and told us "dont bother coming back" we were astonished to say the least and would advise anyone thinking of stopping here for a meal to drive past this place as fast as possible

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