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We had a lovely meal on Mother's day so returned today on Father's day and we were so disappointed, it spoilt the day. I booked a table over the phone for 2.30, we arrived at 2.20. We were told that we could sit anywhere, as the pub was empty, so we sat in the restaurant part. I ordered drinks and we sat down and waited , by 2.50 no one had taken our order so I went to the bar and ordered. By 3.30, there was no sign of our food. As we had been in the pub for over an hour my children (9 and 6) were getting quite hungry. So we complained and asked when our food would be ready. I was then shouted at from the bar across the restaurant by a young lady who shouted "Are you Mel?". I responded to her, then I had a list thrust in my face of bookings. I was then told that the table that arrived quite a bit after us but had been served before us,(which I had complained about) had booked their meal on an app so were entitled to eat before us. Had I been told this on the phone at booking, I would have ordered then. It was only a Sunday roast, so it wouldn't have been a problem. There was no apology about the long wait, or any offer of recompense for such poor treatment. Their excuse was that they were busy, when in fact there were 3 empty tables next to us in the restaurant. We will not be eating in this pub again and will be advising others not to too. This is such a shame as the food was lovely.

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