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Great food, great beer, polite and cheerful staff, a great night out at a good old drinking pub with traditional pub grub.
Blue Bell Inn Callow End.
If you want a place to dine with a meal which will last all day, then try the "All Day Breakfast" it is on a platter which at our house we call a tray.
Callow End Blue Bell Inn.

We have dined on several occasions and have found the food well prepared and served with the utmost servility. My wife and I call at the Blue Bell Inn on our way to Hanley Swan. Having read the comment about attending a wedding and that the Landlady was Rude. I have attended a few weddings in my lifetime. I am tea total, and have seen wedding guest become boisterous, noisy and downright nuisance to other customers who are not at the same function.. I am a very trying person without any alcohol and the Landlady of The Blue Bell In at Callow End has never been rude to me nor have I observed her being nasty with any of her customers. Sue Donohue, and her staff are well mannered extremely courteous to all their customers. Still in the number of years Michael and Sue have been at the Blue Bell, I have never heard any harsh unbecoming words from either of them or their staff. Sue you just ignore those nasty comments if you did says anything they must have deserved it.
I went to a wedding party at this pub and was very disappointed in the service received. This would be because the landlady was very rude in her job and towards us, as a whole at this party we feel it was a huge let down to pay so much and receive so little.

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