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One Star - because of the location is very good. But I suspect this is why the service is
lamentable. Actually, thats not an adequate description. Abysmal is closer to the mark.
I ordered a pint of bitter, a coke and an ice cream.
The barmaid said that we had to have a table number - even though we wanted to sit on the grass ouside. This of course is for the convenience of the staff ... not the customer.
So we sat at a table on the assumption that an ice cream would take only a few minutes to arrive.
45 minutes later - nothing. - and drinks drunk. So I went to the bar to enquire and I was told that the wait for food is up to one hour. Yes - one hour for an ice cream.
So I asked for my money back but the barmaid said she wanted to serve some other customers first.
I waited. Then she started to serve another customer, I guess in the hope the ice cream would arrive. I said ok forget the money ... you can keep it. And as my wife and I walked out the the door to leave the barmaid loudly exclaimed "How Rude"for all to hear.
If you want to pay by credit card they impose a £1 surcharge if the bill is less than £10.
The recommended bitter I suspect was recommended just to get rid of it.
And the window cill by our table was liberally dotted with dead flies.

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