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What was the name of that pub?

What was the name of that pub I read about in the Good Pub Guide? Never forget a recommendation again at lovethis.com.

The Good Pub Guide has partnered with LoveThis, a new service that makes it easy to share recommendations amongst friends, to try and find Britain's Most Recommended Local. You can now find 5,000 of our Good Pubs on LoveThis, these can be saved for when you need them, recommended and shared with friends. Just search for your local on lovethis.com/goodpubguide and save it to your recommendations. We'll publish the results in a future blog. So, go on, help your favourite pub out and recommend it.

Matt is responsible for managing LoveThis’s partnerships with businesses such as The Guardian, BBC, Mr and Mrs Smith and, now, the Good Pub Guide. His job is to help customers by making sure the best companies are recognised for their great products, services and experiences – not just those that shout the loudest. He is a word-of-mouth marketing expert - considering more than 80% of a pub’s trade is driven by referrals, we thought he might be worth listening to. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here: twitter.com/NeedhamMatt. Licensees should register an interest by emailing business@lovethis.com.

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