Good Pub Guide

1)      Booking: depending on how big or busy the pub is, it’s always best just to call ahead of time and book a table. You don’t want to ruin all your effort just having to stand around waiting. 

2)      Parking or commute: this isn’t much of an issue if you are going to your regular pub but if you’re going somewhere new or different, figure out where to park or how you are going to commute. You got to keep in mind that pubs will have their busiest day on this day so parking spaces will fill up pretty quickly. 

3)      Pick the right kind of pub for you and your mum: use our website to search for pubs featured in our 2017 awards list:




Main things to look for are: 

-          Is the pub known for great food?

-          Do they have great service? Are the family friendly?

-          Are you willing to spend there? If you are paying more, make sure you are happy to.


4)      Delight and surprise: Arrange with the staff beforehand (most likely when you’re booking a table) to bring out any gifts like flowers, cakes or cards after the meal. After all, you want to make memories rather than just another visit to the pub. 

5)    Make sure that everyone you’re with is also happy: whilst this might seem obvious, you want to make sure that everyone is having a good time. If you’re going with kids make sure they got something to do, partly to do with how family friendly the pub is. Also, because it’s a busy day for pubs avoid staying for too long, that way other people can also enjoy Mother’s Day too.



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