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Dog Friendly Pubs of Hackney

Pack and Clowder opened in October 2015. Offering Grooming, food, treats, and all manner of accessories for dog and cat owners who want their pets to eat right, play hard and look good. They have written a guide to the best dog friendly pubs in Hackney for all London based dog lovers to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities and Pubs

Spring is in the air and with that more of us avid pub goers are combining trips to the pub with outdoor activities. Whe ther you like hiking, cycling or canoeing, an outdoor day alone, or with the family, is always a great idea. And what better way to end it than with a nice dinner and drink at a local pub. Here we have listed our favourite remote pubs, perfectly located for outdoor adventures.

Best pubs for Easter

Easter holidays are the perfect time to go out for a long meal with the family, especially in the beautiful British coun tryside. When the Easter egg hunt is finished, both young and old can look forward to delicious food and drink in one of these top family (and Easter) friendly pubs.

Romantic Pubs

Love romance? Love pubs? Get excited. Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and we’ve compiled a list of great ro mantic pubs for you and your loved one to discover. Enjoy!

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