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Good Pubs for Festive Feasts

Pack in as many Christmas dinners as possible this December, and even take away the pressures of preparation and the cal amities of cooking on Christmas day itself, by enjoying a fantastic dining experience at one of these Good Pub Guide pubs. Don’t be a turkey, go and get stuffed!

Hygge Pubs

Autumn is undeniably here and winter is looming; the days are drawing in and we’re beginning to feel those first bites of frost on our skin. With this, the Danish quality of ‘hygge,’ which evokes a spiritual and physical cosiness, seems like a very appealing notion. So we thought we’d help you do hygge the British way, which means spending some quality time with your friends or family by a roaring fire in some of the UK’s cosiest pubs.

Exploring London’s Edgelands by Euan Ferguson

Euan Ferguson is a freelance writer and was the principal bars and pubs writer for Time Out London for six years. He’s the author of Drink London: The 100 Best Bars and Pubs (Frances Lincoln, 2014) and Craft Brew: 50 Homebrew Recipes from the World’s Best Craft Breweries (Frances Lincoln, 2016).

Hotting up by Neil Rankin

While craft beer is trending, our love for ale seems to be waning: this once-proud nation of beer guzzlers is being slow ly driven out by picpoul de pinet quaffers. Germany drinks roughly double the amount of beer per head compared to the UK, while in the Czech Republic they drink almost three times as much. But even if you’re not from Germany, the Czech Republic or, like me, are one of the few remaining Brits who still enjoys drinking the stuff, you’ll enjoy this recipe – where you cook with it instead.

The In-Cider Scoop

Gabe Cook hails from the heart of cider country and has cider running through his veins. He has worked for cider makers of all sizes, from small farm producers to the world’s biggest, in the UK and in New Zealand. A passionate advocate for cider, he champions the virtues of the fermented apple under his guise of The Ciderologist (

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