Good Pub Guide


1. Can anyone pay to be included?

No. We only include pubs of merit and all entries are at the editors’ discretion.


2. Does this mean that the Guide is no longer truly independent?

The Guide is as independent as ever. The choice of entries is exactly as it has always been – depending on reader recommendations and editorial inspection and judgement. The criteria have not changed and will not change.


3. If I am included as a main entry this year does this mean I will have to pay again next year?

Yes; it will be an annual charge


4. I would like to take an advert in the book. What are my options?

The options are:

Full colour inside front cover

Full colour inside back cover

Within the colour section at the front of the book


5. How much will it cost for an advert?

Inside front cover: £3500

Inside back cover: £2500

Full page: £1800

Half page: £1000

Quarter page: £600


6. What do I need to supply and where do I send my advert?

We need a hi-res PDF file, plus application file, together with a colour print-out or proof. The dimensions are 209mm x 126mm (including bleeds).

Please note: If you have already indicated to us on the Good Pub Guide payment form for the next edition that you would like to place an advert we will contact you in February/March. If you have not done this but are still interested please send us an email at


If your query is not covered by the above list, please send us an email -

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