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Father's Day Pubs

Stumped for a gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Fear not! Here at The Good Pub Guide we have found a selection of dad-fr iendly pubs that boast the best burgers in town, so you can treat Dad (and yourself!) to a plate of meaty deliciousness, and save yourselves from another home-burned barbeque. It’s win-win!

Dog Friendly Pubs of Hackney

Pack and Clowder opened in October 2015. Offering Grooming, food, treats, and all manner of accessories for dog and cat owners who want their pets to eat right, play hard and look good. They have written a guide to the best dog friendly pubs in Hackney for all London based dog lovers to enjoy.


Best country dining pubs in 2016

County Dining Pubs Awards 2016

Every year the editors of the Good Pub Guide take the opportunity to rate the very finest Dining Pubs across Great Britain. The rise of the Dining Pub over the past 20 years has been one of the key features of the industry - and here we celebrate the very finest right across the country.
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